Цитата #454 от mcmodder

[10:49] ЗЕД{,Р}ОТИШКА: although I have been invited to many different companies: even Google wanted me. I just don’t want to get stuck somewhere in a company and do stupid work without any personal growth. Programmers are creative people. I want to create something new: new applications, new concepts, a new revolution. Someone may argue that Google is the ideal place for creative people, but I don't think so.
[10:49] ЗЕД{,Р}ОТИШКА: Миша, перелогинься
[10:49] ЗЕД{,Р}ОТИШКА: Ах да
[10:49] ЗЕД{,Р}ОТИШКА: Ты же не Миша, ты же не пиздишь xD
[10:50] Кенни: Да успокойся ты, это было пять лет назад, мне стыдно :rKappa:
[10:51] ЗЕД{,Р}ОТИШКА: Ну да, 5 лет страдать хуйней xD
[10:52] Кенни: 22 года ващето :Kappa:

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